The atmosphere, the colours, the magic and the local traditions of the land.

“We were not known outside our territory, our size and our structure did not allow us to compete with the prices of the big traders and bottlers. In addition our small production did not allow us to produce with continuity the amount needed to compete in the commercial field. It was then that we chose to focus on quality, it was the only choice that for us was stimulating and viable. Absolute quality, sought without any kind of compromise.”

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Our Products

Extra virgin olive oil

olio extravergine


The taste of freshly crushed olives


A harmonious and balanced taste

Single Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil

olio monovarietale

Le Rocche Gentile di Chieti

Green in colour, balanced with hints of fruit

Leccino Olive Oil

Lightly fruity with tones of herbs and almonds

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil and olives on rustic wood background retro styled


Perfect for healthy cooking

The Condiments



Blood Oranges





Olives and pâté


Whole green olives

Pitted Black Olives

Marinated Olives

Crushed Olives

Green Olive pâté

Black Olive pâté

Our Story

The mill “Le Rocche” was established after the war in 1958, located in Rocca San Giovanni in the neighbourhood of San Giacomo-novella II, by owner Domenico Martelli’s grandfather.

The year 1995 represents an important step in the history of the company “Martelli Agricola”. It is in fact then that the production and marketing of the oil produced in the new and current production site located in Lanciano, in Contrada Villa Martelli “land of origin of the family lineage”, with the experience and guidance of his father Federico, adds a new charge of enthusiasm and resourcefulness.

Getting consumers to know and savour their extra virgin olive oil products far from the place of production becomes the main objective, but it immediately becomes clear that sales alone would not allow this result or guarantee the desired future for the mill.

Our events

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Sol&Agrifood (on Vinitaly)

It is a B2B fair dedicated to those who offer and those who seek only products of excellence. Three macro areas: Extra virgin olive oil, food, artisan beer. Sol & Agrifood takes place simultaneously with Vinitaly and Vinitaly Design.

2019/04/07 09:30:00

Future events

No upcoming shows scheduled

Our services

Martelli Agricola provides private customers and companies with services aimed at supporting them in the production and bottling of extra virgin olive oil. It also offers tasting tours to improve the product knowledge of a product essential to health and personal well-being.

We are always available in helping our customers evaluate the best solution based on their requirements

Discover our services

Please contact us if you require more details on the services we provide.

Discover our services

Please contact us if you require more details on the services we provide.

Discover our services

Please contact us if you require more details on the services we provide.

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